European Debt Crisis Information Graphic
Severino R
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European Debt Crisis Information Graphic

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The original graphic in ‘The Information is Beautiful Awards Hall of Fame':

information design


An experiment looking at the same data visualisation over time:

information design


Project Information:

This info-graphic was a revised version of the graphic I won a prize (3rd place) for in the Information is Beautiful Awards November Challenge, which was to visualise or explain something about the financial crisis plaguing currently the world.

Focusing on the current debt crisis in Europe, I looked at the relationship between a country’s GDP and the amount of government debt that country had. Comparing 27 European countries together, you can see what countries are the largest (in terms of GDP) and who is most in debt.

If you click on the graphic to the left, you can see the Processing (computer generated) version that gives a little more information on each country.

Mention in The Guardian Data Blog


Project Year:


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