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Plan A: Logo



When I was coming up with ideas for Plan A’s logo, I wanted to come up with something that not only expressed sustainability but also gave a feeling of compassion because Plan A is also about charity and ethical business. Therefore, I used a rounded, caring-looking font Helvetica Rounded LT Std for the lower case ‘a’. The circular incasing for the ‘a’ and the colour brown represent the Earth itself. While the simple leaf in the ‘a’ counter is there as a symbol for being ‘green’. ‘Plan’ on the logo and much of the campaign material is written in ‘American Typewriter’. I chose this typeface because it reminded me of mission briefings and gives the identity a feeling of ‘call to action’ that is needed.




To create awareness instore for the Plan A brand, I thought it would be a good idea to print the logo onto canvas bags. Not only does this create more exposure for Plan A but it represents to people using these bags, that they are actually taking part in Plan A through not using plastic bags.


Project Information:

This project was a brief from the YCN student competition 2011. The challenge for this brief was to create a visual identity for Marks and Spencer’s Plan A and then use it to develop a campaign to engage customers to also take part.

Plan A was originally Marks and Spencers way of creating and maintaining a sustainable business, however from their success wanted customers to follow their lead.

Project Year:


Graphic Design