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Living in the Information Age we have such a vast amount of information around that it’s often at times very overwhelming.

Do you have a great mass of data on your databases or spreadsheets, but can’t make sense of it all? Having trouble explaining difficult concepts in a simple manner? Or do you need an effective, clear way to communicate information in presentations to clients or internally in your organisation?

I offer visual information solutions through the use of information design. By changing the way we represent information, we can make it easier and quicker to understand. Looking at your information in a new light could also help improve efficiency or help detect an issue in your organisation that you didn’t notice before.

information design


information designDiagram Design

Using diagrams to show relationships, strategies, processes and simplifing concepts and abstract forms of information.

information designMaps

Displaying geographical data and information.

data visualizationData Visualisation

Displaying quantative/numerical data in a way that is easy to digest. Making sense of spreadsheets and databases.

information designCompany Annual Reports

Editorial and design work material displaying a company’s yearly activities.

information designCatelogues

Whatever the stock, I can design a catelogue listing your various products in an organised and quick-to-find way.

information designHow-to Guides and Manuals

Need something explained through an illustrated step-by-step guide? Or does you produce need an instructional manual for its use?

information designEducational Material

Visual guides and learning material to help explain differcult concepts to students.


Website Design Services


Need a website for your business? It’s important these days for a business to have a website, so that customers can find you and learn more about what you do.

I work on both the:

  • Design: The ‘look’ and ‘feel’ of the website, the layout and all the graphics work.
  • Coding: I can develope a website from scratch using HTML and CSS.

I can also provide you with a content management system (CMS) based website using the WordPress CMS. This is ideal for those who need to update their websites frequently and want a feedback/commenting system on their website.

website design


Other Graphic Design Services


graphic designLogo & Brand Design

Designing a logo, brand/identity that`s memorable and best reflects your organisation.

graphic designBook and Editorial Design

Stylish and clear layout design for books and magazines.

graphic designPosters, Leaflets & Marketing Material

Graphic design work for promotional material, at all standard paper sizes.

graphic designBusiness Cards

It’s vital to anyone running a service or in a business to have their own business card.


If you’re interested in any of my services, have a question or want a quote, then don’t hesistate to E-mail me.

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